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The summer of love is over, but don't be afraid to set up this love bell below, grab a free map of self-guided tours from the Port Arthur Convention and Visitors Bureau and head to the Janis Joplin Trail. The museum is a great place to start your visit to PortArthur with a comprehensive overview of the city's history, its history as a tourist destination and its current state, as well as some of its most popular attractions and attractions in the area. But you may have to wait and see, because here you are looking for all its treasures.

The Janis Joplin Trail, a 1000 mile walk through the heart of the city, also features some of Port Arthur's most famous artists, musicians and cultural icons, including Janis Jopslin. The legendary singer, songwriter, actress, musician and singer-songwriter has left her mark not only locally but globally.

One of the most unusual souvenirs is a brick from Janis' childhood, which comes with a certificate of authenticity for $35. The peach-coloured mansion was originally built in 1900 as a hunting lodge by barbed wire king Ellwood Isaac. This magnificent mansion design was inspired by a room built in a three-sided courtyard, and the house is built like a replica of an early Acadian house. There are rustic kitchen utensils and tools from the ancient period, as well as antique furniture from the early 19th century.

Port Arthur began in 1895 when William Arthur, a spiritualist who believed in psychic phenomena, took the lead of a spiritual leader to build a north-south rail link between Kansas City and Port Arthur.

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Follow the map to see the hospital where the raspy-voiced Queen of Blues was born and her grave. Join us to pay homage and leave a string of pearls on the Texas Historical Marker on our front lawn, which borders a former shrine. The museum's first floor displays Western objects from over 100 years, including the Netherlands, which was considered home by the original settlers of Port Ararat, the first settlers in the area.

More About Port Arthur

More About Port Arthur